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Creative video editing techniques used by professionals is taught by a veteran, international award-winning editor.

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The trouble is, most video courses on the net are presented by filmmakers making wedding videos and low budget music videos. Very few are broadcast professionals. The proof is that most video editing courses focus primarily on software, which requires limited creative insight.


  • High quality video editing software that permits multi-layered audio.
  • Editing is as important, if not more important than content gathering. Good editing isn't an option if you want to create inspiring videos through editing techniques
  • You must have a basic understanding of digital editing software BEFORE you do this course.
  • While use Adobe Premier here, but this is not significant to the learner. You will be able to follow using any quality editing software such as Da Vinci Resolve, Avid, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Target Audience

Our target audience is especially those people who have great enthusiasm about Video Editing.


Anybody who are beginners without programming knowledge interested in Video Editing can take this Training.

We have designed several courses for proper knowledge and development of our students in this field. Our courses are listed below:

What you'll learn

  • Editing is as important, if not more important than content gathering. Good editing isn't an option if you want to create inspiring videos through editing techniques
  • Turn your amateur videos into a professional productions with creative editing flair.
  • Capture an audience by creative editing techniques taught by an international award winning editor
  • Please don't take this course if you are wanting to improve your ability to use editing software, but do want to improve your creativity.
  • Overview to Wondershare Filmora
    • The Filmora Software Interface Overview
    • Import Media Files From Computer Phone Or Camera
    • How To Import Media From Facebook Instagram Flickr
    • Arrange your Media Files in Filmora
    • Cut And Delete Unwanted Portion Of The Video
    • How To Add Text Or Titles In Video
    • How to Add Your Own Logo or Watermark To A Video
    • Add Transitions to Your Video and Create a Smooth Cut
    • Adding Simple Motion Graphics In Video
    • How To Reverse Any Video Clip
    • Speed Up Or Slow Down Any Video
    • How To Zoom In Or Zoom Out Any Video Clip
    • How To Flip Or Mirror Any Video
    • How To Capture Photos From The Video
    • How To Use Color Grading In Filmora
    • How To Stabilize Shaky Video Footage
    • How To Record Computer Screen Easily
    • How To Add Subtitle In Video
    • Make Your Videos Look Like A Hollywood Film
    • How To Make Lower Thirds
    • Remove Green Screen Background
    • reate A Slideshow Video From Sketch
    • Render Your Final Edited Video To Get Output
    • How To Play Multiple Videos In One Screen
    • ow To Clone Yourself Like A Boss
    • wesome Filters For Your Videos in Filmora
  • How to Edit Video - Premiere Pro
    • Layout, Work-space and Window arrangement in premier Pro
    • Project Window, Import Media in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Source Panel/Window Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Timeline Window/Panel Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Program Panel/Window in adobe Premiere Pro
    • Selection, Track select backward and forward tool in adobe Premiere Pro
    • Ripple and Rolling Edit Tool in adobe Premiere Pro Beginners
    • Razor and Rate stretch Tool in adobe Premiere Pro
    • Slip and Slide Tool Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Use Pen Tool in adobe Premiere Pro
    • How to Add Audio/Music in to Video in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • How to Match/Sync Audio with Video In adobe Premiere Pro
    • Video Transition Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Animation With Effect Control Premiere Pro [Velocity, Position, scale, Rotate]
    • Animation with Anchor Point and Uniform Premiere Pro
    • Opacity, Mask and Blend Mode Animation in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Slow/Fast Speed in Video | Time Remapping in adobe Premiere Pro
    • Reverse, Frame Blending and Optical Flow, Audio Pitch in adobe Premiere Pro
    • Edit Menu (Paste Insert, Ripple Delete, Attribute, Label, Remove Unused, Edit Original)
    • Shortcuts and Preference (Setting) in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Subclip and edit Subclip in adobe Premiere Pro
    • HD/4k Video Edit Even Slow Computer/Offline Editing in adobe Premiere Pro
    • Mono vs stereo and 5.1 vs 7.1 Surround sound/Audio
    • Modify Audio Channels Stereo/Mono in adobe Premiere Pro
    • Modify Time Code Frame Rate and Pixel Aspect Ratio Premiere Pro
    • Frame Hold, Field Option, Scale to Frame, Set to Frame size in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects For Beginners Workspace and Panels
    • Projects and Composition in Adobe After Effects
    • Pre-Composition, Nesting and Prerendring in adobe After Effects
    • Import footage and Project Panel in adobe after effects
    • Footage Pannel, Consolidate, Reduce etc. in adobe after effects
    • Fast Work in After Effects With Proxy Footage and Palace holder
    • Layers In After Effects- Layer types, Create, Use
    • Layer select, Arrange, Move, trim,split,Lift, extract in After Effects
    • Managing Layers with Switch In After Effects
    • Layer Properties, Anchor Point, Scale, Rotate Layer in After Effects
    • Parent Child Relationship Between Layers in After Effects
    • Blending Modes and Layer Styles in Adobe After Effects
    • How to use 3D In adobe After Effects3D Cube in After Effects
    • How to Use Camera Layer in adobe After Effects
    • Understanding Parallel, Spot and Point Light Layer In Adobe After Effects
    • Cast Shadow and Material optians in after effects
    • Animation and Keyframe Basics in adobe after effects
    • Motion Path in Adobe After Effects
    • Horror Camera shake Effect with wiggler in adobe after effects
    • Object along Path (Auto-Orient) in adobe after effects
    • Null Objects and Guide Layers in Adobe After Effects
    • Setting and Selecting Key-frames In Adobe After Effects
    • Editing Moving and Copy paste from spreadsheet or text editor in after effects
    • Keyframe Interpolation (Temporal, Spatial) in adobe After effects
    • Animation with Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects
    • Motion Tracking in Adobe After Effects
    • 3D Camera Tracker in Adobe After Effects

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